The best thing about getting past the rushed years of the child-rearing is being able to slow down and focus on the things that you want to do.

The worst thing is trying to remember where you put all the stuff you wrote and published because children defeat brains.

As much as I can, I’ll keep it completely current here by date (oldest ones at the top).  When series start getting churned out, they’ll each get their own special page.

— Client: Red Carpet Crash (2009 – 2010) – Editor and Writer

Back to the Black Hole – December 2009
Harlan Ellison and Star Trek – November 2009
What will Harry be when he grows up? – December 2009
Review: Crazy Heart – December 2009

— Published literary works:

— “Milk, Bread, Eggs“, Vitality Magazine, November 2015 – superhero fiction story wherein a “villain” runs into a superhero during off-hours in the grocery store.
— “Inconsolable“, The Good Men Project, December 2015 – a short fiction about the meaning of loss and relationships, bring a tissue.
Tuesday Twitter Tales, short stories released one tweet at a time on Tuesdays.
— When You’re a Bird in a World Made for Fishesthe Mighty, September 2016 – an essay on how the autistic experience differs from the neurotypical experience.  Picking up from the Normality Factor blog.
The Black Dog: Living with Someone Else’s Depressionthe Good Men Project, December 2016 – on the difficulties of living with someone in denial about clinical depression.

— Novels:

— “Middle of Nowhere” – Life clings to a long dead world, an infected wound unable to be cleansed. Beasts ravage the lands and those of us still alive are all but gone. More is at hand and Rachel Santiago intends to find out.

Patreon works – The $5 subscription level is the “read-a-long” level, the $10 level gets you on the list for the Final Version readers (there are always differences between the first and last drafts), and the $15 level guarantees you a hardcopy (and electronic version) of the retail book.

— “Shooting Blanks” – the sequel to “Middle of Nowhere”
— “Long As There Are Violets” – an urban fantasy tale about an aging relative who is definitely not who she seems
— “Lost Ground” – the first story in the anthology “All the Moons of Petrichor”, a hard science fiction tale spanning many centuries
— Various other short stories and tarot tales, not to mention Twitter stories on occasion.

— Instructional books

— “Reiki Your Leaves” (as Dawn Swain) – A textbook for all three levels of Usui Reiki, complete with self-discovery exercises, brief history lessons, and multiple activities to develop your personal practice.  Available through in hard cover, paperback, and the e-version.  You can also get it through Amazon.