Warnings About My Work

I’m going to put this right out front so that no one can possibly clutch their pearls in shock.

If you are a little squeamish, you might have a tiny bit of a hard time with my writing.  I write realistically about gay, trans, non-binary, poly, and pan scenarios.  I make up religions, take down belief systems, and topple governments.  People on the spectrum, with disabilities, and enormously disadvantaged are all featured in my work.  I do not shy away from sex or violence, but I also use neither gratuitously.

I also write with a distinctly progressive-minded bend.  What might the world be if we fail to make it better – and what if we succeed? I believe in imagining both the beginnings and endings, because I know that neither truly is – every story starts somewhere in the middle.

Sometimes, the good guys don’t win.  They get hurt, they die, and they fail.  Sometimes it’s the villains that get their comeuppance – or maybe we find that they were never villains at all.

Here, on this page, I will share with you my methods, thoughts, and reflections on writing as a passion and a career (in as much as I can make it one), as well as links to my work and events.  I look forward to hearing from you and sharing the triumphs and successes, failures and disappointments, because that’s what writers do.

If we cannot be honest with our audience, we have no business sharing our lies.

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